Christina von Messling

Case Studies

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My Philosophy



Curiosity is the beginning of any endeavor. How can you contribute effectively without asking questions first?

Design thinking

The iterative approach of design thinking is action-oriented and allows to quickly and efficiently finetune your ideas throughout the process for the optimum outcome.


It’s essential to put yourself into the shoes of the people you are designing for to come up with ideas that truly resonate with your target audience. Creation can’t just be cerebral.



Whenever possible I like to collect 1st party data for a project. Interacting with the people I am designing for always leads to unexpected insights.


You cannot get extraordinary results by using ordinary measures. I always encourage clients to push the envelope and move outside the comfort zone.


Saving the most important for last. The most brilliant things can happen when great people work together. My favorite part of the job!


I offer a cohesive range of services:



competitive landscape analysis, User Research & Customer journey design

Social media strategy, concept & editorial planning



creative direction

performance tracking & reporting

Digital business INNOVATION



Selection of clients:


Case Study Selection

Request a more extensive list of case studies here:



Creative Direction / Social Media Strategy

The Solution

We focused on the concept of heroism as a universal, emotionally charged concept to be relevant to a very diverse group of target audiences (ranging from Brazilian soccer fans to US country music listeners to Indian Cricket followers).

A magazine format with recurring weekly features covered different aspects of the hero theme: in daily life, office life, entertainment, etc. Clients could strategically be included in editorials as needed. The concept gave the flexibility a startup needed who was still open in regards to most valuable verticals for their business model. At the same time, we were able to create brand loyalty through editorial content beyond client promotion.

The Task

FanHero creates mobile apps for influencers and celebrities to help them monetize their fanbase. The ask was to create a social media strategy that positions the company as a thought leader in social media, as well as build a following of end-users of their diverse clients’ fanbases to support the company goal of adding registered users to the different apps.



Creative Direction/Social Media Strategy

The Task

Support the clients with content strategies that:

  1. Convert their fanbase to their app

  2. Maintain high retention rates/long session length

  3. Leverage client events for optimum in-app exposure

The Solution

Creation of custom content strategies for each client, covering the launch, cross-promotional campaigns, in-app content ideation, and sponsored content opportunities.





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