HeroMag: Company blog leveraging the theme of heroism

Background: FanHero is a tech start-up that built a fan engagement platform. The company offers its clients a customizable mobile application with a content stream similar to other social networks like Facebook or Instagram. Revenue is generated through in-app advertising and sponsorships, and shared with the client. 

Challenge: The FanHero brand needed to be built from scratch, and translated into a social media strategy that supports adding registered users to the mobile applications of their clients. The company has clients in multiple verticals and different global markets, the strategy needed to be relevant for all relevant demographics.

Solution: I leveraged the theme of Heroism for the company's social media strategy and blog. Heroism is a deeply emotionally charged subject matter with universal appeal.  This enabled the company to cover all present and future clients across the globe, gain consumer trust through editorial credibility, and ultimately support the company's clients with converting users to their apps.

Monthly Social Banners:


Social Media Strategy: Exploring the concept of heroism across multiple verticals with daily themes focusing on different aspects.















HeroPoints: Used throughout social media to rate current events/headlines in regards to their "heroism."

Social media branding campaigns:


FanHero corporate explainer video "Who We Are":





Client Work

Background: FanHero's business model is based on a revenue share with its clients of all revenue generated through the mobile app.

Challenge: Support the clients with content strategies that:

  1. Helps the clients convert their fanbase from their social channels to their app
  2. Keeps retention rates high and session length long to maximize revenue opportunities
  3. Consult clients how to best leverage events for optimum mobile app exposure

Solution: I created custom content strategies for each client, covering the launch, cross-promotional campaigns, in-app content ideation, and sponsored content opportunities with the client's existing sponsors.



Reality Show Season 3 Pilot - mobile application series




Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 11.57.29 AM.png

Additional mobile app content series: The Tour Life - daily livestreams while on tour. 57+ episodes

Facebook cross promotional photo posts:

ab de villiers

Facebook cross promotional video and photo posts:

In-App Content Series:

Corinthians paulista

Facebook cross promotional video and photo posts:


Vasco da gama

Sponsored Content Series:

  • Client: Babbel
  • Platforms: Mobile application, YouTube
  • Concept: 4-part interview series with Vasco players about their experiences being in a country whose language they don't speak
  • Results: 68k views in-app and on YouTube channel (210k channel subscribers)

Facebook cross promotional video and photo posts:


Marcelo Vieira

Landing page and social media promotional materials:


Facebook cross promotional video and photo posts:

Enchufe TV


Sorriso Maroto